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#055 - 1955 - Peace Race - Official Duties

Resume of each officials job (as I see them).

Mechanic Duties.

  1. Drive and clean the team car, this includes small service jobs. Check fuel and oil (not part of a mechanics duties on the Peace Race but on some events).
  2. Before the start, check over all cycles, tighten all nuts and bolts, brake lever bolts and gear ends. Make sure all wheels are true and interchange with all team bikes including the spare bike.
  3. After the stage, take a verbal list from rider of any mechanical problems he has encountered.
  4. Thoroughly wash bikes especially tyres.

5 When bikes are dry, check all nuts and bolts and true-up wheels, remove wheels to clean, re-adjust q/r mechs if required. Put on stand and try out gears, if front gear changer is catching, try bike on road having a screwdriver at the ready for fine adjustments. Check chain for any tight links.

  1. Clean, oil and polish bike.
  2. In the morning before ‘start’, check tyres for any cuts or abrasions and change tyres if required (this has to be done outside in daylight).
  3. Hand bike to rider to try out.
  4. Do any adjustments they require.
  5. Get the car ready with spares wheels, especially getting q/r ready for quick wheel change.
  6. Make sure spare bike or bikes are OK, especially that tyres are inflated.
  7. Have necessary tools for quick repairs if needed.
  8. When trouble occurs try to remain cool (do not transfer any anxieties to rider)


  1. Arrange rider’s medical, assure blood group recorded.
  2. Clean riders shoes, wash vests and socks; have eye baths, sponge and eau de cologne ready after stage, have a new vest ready if rider wins stage. Do complete body massage from toe to head, (usually on Peace Race three before meal and three after), tend to any medical problems, if serious alert Race Doctor.
  3. Have spare crash helmet in car.
  4. Make sure riders have packed their bags and slid them in special sack provided, before they go to bed and leave outside door (very important on

Peace Race)

  1. Do light massage in morning, and make sure rider takes both early breakfast and light lunch before stage.
  2. Prepare race food and drinks for rider to carry. If feeding station on a long stage, prepare feeding bags and have one extra in case some rider misses out. If raining make sure legs are massaged lightly with iodine oil.
  3. Make sure you do not miss Team Coach which takes you to next stage town (Unless you are travelling in Team Car) When stage town is reached make sure riders baggage is in their room, check room numbers and put up a list in Foyer so rider knows which room he is in.
  4. Usually rooms are for two riders do rota to move riders around.
  5. Make sure you are at the finish of stage getting riders track suit bags from the team car so rider can don his Track suit and slippers.
  6. Collect washable items (Laundry on Peace Race).
  7. Go back to Hotel with early riders so massaging can be started after showers

Team Managers

  1. Make sure that officials picked by racing committee are capable of doing job allocated.
  2. Write to each rider advising what to take with them.
  3. Try and get a meeting together of riders and officials so to have ideas and form of riders and officials.
  4. Before race check menu’s for the next fortnight, with riders and other officials of the team. (essential on the Peace Race)
  5. Work out with all, the distribution of prize money won, discuss with riders the report you may send to BCF after the race, so that if a rider sacrifices himself for another this is accurately reported.
  6. Hopefully have a basic knowledge of mechanics and massage in case of emergency.
  7. Liase with masseur or even give help in the washing and preparing of bottles and race food, make sure you have Milton to thoroughly clean bottles, make sure you have good supply of bottles (supplied on Peace Race).
  8. Make sure spare crash hat is in car.
  9. Collect all riders bags (containing Track Suits and slippers).
  10. Try and keep moral of riders high and discuss tactics with them.
  11. Attend promptly to all Team Manager meetings and quickly give any information to riders and other officials.
  12. Although some socialising is necessary with other managers or officials, keep to a minimum, as it does not make for good moral in the team.
  13. Make sure you rehearse your ‘bike change drill’ , this is very important.
  14. Make sure you give riders instructions as to which side of the road you are to hand up food, leaving one official at the far end of zone with an emergency bag.
  15. Co-ordinate all official jobs make sure they are doing their job smoothly.

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